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About paid warranty service "proteger"

■ If a defect occurs, it can be replaced free of charge.
If you purchase the paid warranty service "proteger" when purchasing the target product of BlackishGear, you can receive a maximum of 2 years warranty.

Manufacturer's warranty (initial failure) 30 days + paid warranty service "proteger" 1 year or 2 years

After subscribing to the paid warranty service, if a defect occurs in the target product during the warranty period, we will replace it with a replacement product free of charge.
*If a replacement product cannot be prepared, a refund will be provided.

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■You can easily apply for a warranty via chat <br/>If you want to receive a warranty, you can apply for it 24 hours a day through the exclusive chat of the paid warranty service "proteger".

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*From here on, it will be the interaction between the customer and Kiva. BlackishGear cannot process warranty claims, so please be sure to use the dedicated chat above.

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About returns and exchanges

[About cancellations, returns, and exchanges]

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・When purchasing outlet products

・In the case of defective accessories only

・When it is suspected that the product has been scratched or soiled by the customer

・If the product is used or has no packaging or accessories

・In addition, if you wish to cancel, return, or exchange for your convenience

4. If you join the paid warranty service "proteger", you can receive a maximum of 1 to 2 years warranty.
If a defective product occurs during the warranty period, we will replace it with a replacement free of charge.
Learn more about paid warranty service here .

*Please be careful before purchasing.

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1. Refunds will be made according to the payment method within 5 business days after the returned item arrives.

2. The refund method will be specified by our store and cannot be selected by the customer.

*Refund processing will be completed within 5 business days after contacting us, but the refund time will differ depending on the payment method. If you would like to know more about the timing of refunds, please contact the company that uses your payment method.


About 1,500,000 yen in support purchase total at crowdfunding Makuake!
We received support from 136 people!

The innovative BLACK TITANIUM MUG, realized by special processing technology, combines unprecedented black design and titanium functionality, and enhances the tea time of the camp without being worn by people. .


This is an innovative mug made by dyeing titanium, which is said to be difficult to blacken, into black using a special processing technology.


The surface pattern that shines blue due to changes in light and black produced by special processing technology shines like snowflakes, and each one shows a different expression.

The black titanium mug, which does not have the same pattern as one, is your own camping gear that emphasizes your individuality.


I want to make titanium black.
With that thought in mind, we aimed to develop black titanium products.

Blackening of titanium is realized by utilizing "vacuum deposition technology" which processes at high temperature of around 1000℃ in a vacuum state.

We have created a titanium mug that has never existed before, packed with our thoughts on black.


Titanium is an ideal metal used in various fields such as aircraft, rockets, and medical equipment.
Due to its characteristics, it exhibits excellent performance even outdoors.

The black titanium mug is surprisingly light at 83g, yet titanium is said to be about twice as strong as iron.
That's why this mug is both lightweight and strong.


In addition, titanium has the property of being rust-resistant, so it retains its beauty even after long-term use.

The Black Titanium Mug, which uses titanium with excellent performance, can be used for a long time as an object for a lifetime, even in the outdoors where it is used intensely.



The black titanium mug has a 350ml capacity that is perfect for enjoying your drink.

Plus, it comes standard with a convenient lid to keep bugs and ash out while camping.


The black titanium mug achieves an amazingly light weight of 83g due to its single-wall construction.

In addition, it has a foldable handle for compact storage and easy transport.


The mouth is curled to prevent heat transfer when touching the mouth, providing an excellent mouthfeel.


*Since it has a single wall structure, it can be heated directly, but if it is exposed to fire, it may change color and deform. Please be careful of burns etc. on your own responsibility for direct fire.




BLACK TITANIUM MUG combines design and functionality, and is a lifetime item that can be used for a long time.

Its solid design is sure to attract attention from those around you.

Try the BLACK TITANIUM MUG to give your camping tea time a different atmosphere.


  • Bringing it close to fire such as open flame may cause discoloration or deformation.
  • Do not use in the microwave. Doing so may cause the product to spark and damage equipment, as well as cause burns, injuries, and fire.
  • Do not use a dishwasher or dish dryer. Doing so may cause deformation or scratches.
  • Do not leave the contents unattended for a long time. It may cause rust and discoloration.
  • Do not modify, disassemble, or repair the product. There is a risk of injury or accident. Also, it may cause the product to malfunction.
  • Please be careful of burns when eating hot food.
  • Condensation may occur in humid environments and other conditions.
  • Do not place it in an unstable place.
  • The surface of the main unit may be rough, but this is a characteristic of the product.

  • Do not boil. Failure to do so may cause malfunction.
  • Avoid using cleansers, melamine sponges, metal scrubbing brushes, etc. It may scratch the surface and cause discoloration or decoloration.
  • When using for the first time, wash thoroughly with a soft sponge with a neutral dishwashing detergent and wipe off the water before using.
  • After use, wash thoroughly with a soft sponge with a mild dishwashing detergent, dry well, and store in a dry place.
  • If you will not be using the product for a long period of time, wash it thoroughly to remove dirt, dry it thoroughly, and store it away from hot and humid places.

It was published in Japan's largest mountaineering web media "YAMA HACK"!
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It was published in the outdoor web magazine "Camp Quest" where travelers' adventure records are gathered!
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It was published in the blog "Acchan no Uchi Camp" that mainly introduces camping!
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It was published in the news media "CAMP BALOON" where all camping and outdoor information is available here!
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