2022/1/31 *Please be careful about impersonating Instagram accounts*

We have received many inquiries about nuisances such as sending spam messages and random follow-ups via DMs pretending to be BlackishGear .

BlackishGear's official account is
It will be [ @blackishgear_official ].

Please do not click on the URL (link) described in the profile of the account other than the above or DM, and do not enter personal information.

Also, to prevent damage, please report and block impersonating accounts.

We are not responsible for any damage or loss caused by impersonating accounts, so please be careful.

▼An example of a fake account
・@blackishgear_official_ *There is an underscore (_) at the end.
・@blackishgear__official * A long “__ (underscore)” is used.
・@blackishgear_official_jp *There is “_jp” at the end.