Renewal of the BlackishGear logo mark!

BlackishGear has renewed its logo!

I wanted to create a logo that would catch the eye and be easily recognizable by those who understand it.
As the number of people using BlackishGear products increases, the number of people who see this logo will also increase, and harmony will spread more and more.
It is finished in a logo that can realize such a thought!

BlackishGear blackish gear dog dog wolf wolf logo camp brandBlackishGear blackish gear dog dog wolf wolf logo camp brand

Thoughts put into the logo mark.

The new logo mark is a logo with the motif of "wolf" by combining "B" and "G", which are the initials of BlackishGear.

I want to be a cool brand like a wolf.
Of course there are such common thoughts.
But that's not all the thought behind this logo.

Wolves are solitary beings who stick to their own style.
Originally, wolves act in groups or duos, but wolves that are separated from them are called lone wolves.

BlackishGear becomes "black" that is not dyed by any color. The concept is to support you to have your own core and stick to your own camping style.
Also, being a solo brand launched and operated by a single representative overlaps with being a lone wolf.

for that reason
We chose “wolf” as the logo motif, which is perfect for the image of BlackishGear.

Aiming to be a distant presence in the camp brand that "pursues only black", it contains the desire to become a conspicuous presence like a lone wolf.

Products from 2023 will have a new logo, so please look forward to it!