BLACK SHELTER TWIN V2 Instruction Manual

■ Setup STEP 1. Check the contents

■Installation STEP2. Attach the tension belts in two places.

First, unfold the curtain in half

This part has a buckle that connects the tension belt.

Install this buckle in two places so that it is not twisted.

■Installation STEP3.

Decide the position to stretch and spread the curtain body

The side with the front curtain and the logo will face the front of the tent.

First, temporarily fix these four points with pegs.

Hit the pegs so that each corner is 90 degrees.It is convenient to use the pole as a guide.

This tent has multiple loops with adjusters

Be sure to fasten the loop where the tension belt is attached. It is okay to temporarily fasten multiple loops together.

Sufficiently loosen the adjuster

The point is to hit the peg while being conscious of the tension with the adjacent corner.

Next, temporarily fix the 4 points on the side with pegs.

At this time as well, hit the peg while being aware of the tension with the adjacent corner.

■ Setting up STEP4. Set up the poles and adjust the tension.

Assemble the Y pole

Raise the pole by passing the tip of the pole through the eyelet at the top from the makuuchi

If the pole does not stand up, loosen the adjuster or adjust the position of the peg.Forcibly raising the pole may damage the curtain or pole.

Check that there is no distortion or slack in the whole, and re-strike the adjusters and pegs to make adjustments.

After adjusting the tension, permanently fasten the temporarily fastened pegs.

Reinforce by attaching guy ropes to the 8 loops on the main body.

■ Setup STEP 5. Let's customize the setup freely

Deploy the canopy, stretch the front wall, and enjoy setting up freely!

■ Withdrawal STEP 1. Withdraw guy ropes, poles and pegs

Remove reinforced guy ropes and raised canopy

Remove the Y-shaped pole

After removing the Y-shaped pole, close all fasteners

withdraw all pegs

■ Withdrawal STEP2.

Hold the ceiling part of the curtain and fold it neatly in half.

Fold the front wall part inwards

Fold the sides to form a square

Fold it in three according to the width of the storage bag.

fold it in half

Put the stored poles and pegs in and wind it up.

Install the curtain clasp

If you put it in the storage bag, the withdrawal is complete.

■ Setup STEP 1. Pass the four corners through the tent pegs

Open the side of the tent and pass the two short sides of the inner tent on the far side of the image through the tent pegs.

Next, pass the two long sides of the inner tent on the front side of the image through the pegs of the tent. If the loop does not reach, loosen the adjuster to adjust, or use another peg to directly peg down.

■Installation STEP2. Attach the buckle to the ceiling

Attach the inner tent to the buckle attached to the ceiling of the tent

After attaching the buckle, tighten the adjuster and lift it until the tension of the inner tent appears.

After adjusting the tension with the adjusters at the four corners and hanging parts, the setup is complete.

■ Withdrawal STEP 1. Fold and withdraw

Fold in three from the unfolded state

Fold in half in the same direction

Then fold it in half to make it shorter, and then in half again

From there, fold it in three and put it in the storage bag to complete the withdrawal.

■ Precautions

・T/C fabric is highly absorbent and does not dry easily, so if it gets wet due to rain, snow, condensation, etc., after using the tent, dry it completely before storing and storing it. Insufficient drying may cause mold and other problems.

・Water droplets may fall due to rain or condensation.

・Before use, be sure to test and check the assembly and contents.

・Do not use fire in or near the tent. Doing so may cause the tent to catch fire or cause burns.

・Ventilate the tent from time to time as the ventilation inside the tent may decrease due to condensation.

・If one person sets up the tent, the fabric and poles may be overloaded and the tent may be damaged.

・When assembling the tent, pay close attention to your surroundings and set it up so that there are no accidents or injuries.

・Firmly fix the tent with pegs and reinforce it with guy ropes so that it does not fall down due to strong winds or rain.

・When you take down the tent, please check all the contents and make sure you do not forget to pull out the pegs.