BLACK HEXATABLE Instruction Manual

▼ Watch a video on how to assemble ▼

▼ See the assembly method in the image ▼

STEP1. Confirm the contents

Top plate x 6, leg plate x 3, stable joint plate x 3

STEP2. Combining the leg plate and the stable joint plate

Insert the stable joint plate into the joint part of the leg plate

Match the angle and insert it in the same way as the image

STEP3.Combine the top plate on top of the leg plate

Insert the perforated top plate on top of each leg plate first

Assemble the rest of the top plate

Combine everything and you're done


・Because it is a wooden product, there may be individual differences, and there may be uneven paint or small scratches.

・Be sure to install the stable joint plate before assembling. The table can stand on its own without a stability plate, but it is dangerous because the stability of the table will deteriorate.

・Because it is a wooden product, scorching and peeling of the paint may occur when you have a bonfire.

・Be careful not to injure yourself when assembling.